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28 October 2008 @ 03:23 pm

1. Name

2. Birthplace
Phoenix, Arizona

4. How did you first come across Gazette?
The wakaremichi single~!

5. Who's your favourite member?
I love Aoi, but Kai holds a special place in my heart!

6. What do you like about your favourite member:
Aoi; He's the dorkiest member, and he's a lot like me in real life. He's very careful about what he says around people, but when he's somewhat comfortable, he'll slowly start to open up and joke around.
Kai; Leader-sama~ He's the most dependable person in the group [even if he does lose things...], and he always makes sure that the other members are having fun. He may be a workaholic, but he's a loveable person.

7. Something you don't know, but would like to know about that member:
Aoi; Are you really going to retire from GazettE when you turn thirty next year...? You don't look happy anymore...
Kai; How do you get so much energy during the lives! You nearly collapse every time you play!

8. Which of the members have you written letters or fanmail to?
I've written to Aoi and Kai, thus far.

9. Something about you that changed when you became a fan of Gazette:
I gained a new perspective on life, as weird as it may sound. I was only about eleven or twelve when I got into them, so seeing them change and grow just like I did, to see them rise to fame, it makes me realize that nothing is impossible as long as you have the will and drive to do it.

10. Your favourite Gazette song and why:
This far into the game, I'd have to say juunanasai; everyone experiences that lost love, and that hopelessness that you gain from yearning for someone, then watching them leave without anything you can do about it. It's hard to let go, especially if you have constant things that remind you of them.

11. The song you'd like to hear most at lives:
I'd love to hear BEST FRIENDS and wakaremichi, though if I heard the latter, I know I'd cry! I would also love to hear baretta, toguro, miseinen, juuyonsai no NAIFU and THE MURDER'S TV.

12. The song you listen to when you feel down or sad:
I listen to a lot of their songs...chizuru, juunanasai, kare uta, DEFECTIVE TRAGEDY, D.L.N, and PEOPLE ERROR. Sometimes, it's good to feel worse to make yourself feel better.

13. When you are ill, the song that makes you feel better:

14. The song you listen to when you are happy:
SILLY GOD DISCO, BITE TO ALL, HYENA, THE MURDER'S TV, doro darake no seishun, juuyonsai no NAIFU...a lot of their fast-paced, upbeat music.

15. The song which influenced you the most:
wakaremichi...it taught me that, even if you love someone, you have to let them go, hope for the best for each other, and look forward to the future. It may not work out at that exact moment, but it always could in the future.

16. The first Gazette song you ever heard:

17. Is there a song you can sing perfectly without having to look at the lyrics?
Yes! I can sing FILTH IN THE BEAUTY, wakaremichi, guren, [reila], AGONY, Cassis, DEFECTIVE TRAGEDY, COCKROACH, and SILLY GOD DISCO.

18. A Gazette song you'd like to sing at Karaoke:
COCKROACH, [reila], guren, or SILLY GOD DISCO.

19. Have you seen Gazette live?
Not yet! I may never be able to see them live because their funds are low...

20. If you have, what were your thoughts? If you haven't, are you planning on attending a live and how?
I'm hoping that, when I go to Japan, they are still a band, and I can go see them!

21. At violent Gazette lives, where do you always stand? Or if you haven't been, where would you like to stand?
There aren't any violent Gazette lives, to my knowledge. Ruki doesn't tolerate it, and I don't blame him. We're there to get along, not get hurt.

22. What style do you (or would you like to) attend Gazette lives in? (Clothes, make-up, etc)
I'd wear my own style. It's a mix between visual kei, and just regular clothes.

23. Name a few necesseties for attending a Gazette live:
Friends! Definately~ Maybe a camera, if they're allowed, and merchandise.

24. Do you (or would you) always fill out the after-live questionnaire?
I would.

25. Something you've started collecting because of Gazette:
Magazines, DVDs, CDs, posters...

26. Which Gazette costume series do you like most?
I really love miseinen, zetsu, and HYENA.

27. One item you like in Gazette's goods range: (Or if you don't own any, one thing you'd like to have)
So far, I love their GAZEROCK shirt, and their IT'S ONLY ROCK'N'ROLL shirt...I want their BLACK MORAL shirt.

28. Your cellphone's ringtone:
I used to have FILTH IN THE BEAUTY.

29. Your cellphone's wallpaper:
It's of Aoi and Reita.

30. Cellphone strap:

31. PC wallpaper:
It's of all five guys from their zakurogata no yuuutsu phase.

32. Does your email address have something to do with Gazette?
I used to! It was candydivex@aol.com~ I also have sugar.pain.aoi@hotmail.co.jp!

33. A place you go to frequently:
HOT TOPIC to see if they have SHOXX or CURE

34. Your favourite shop:
We don't have any Jrock stores in Arizona, so I shop online. I love Lolita Kisama, DEAL DESIGN, and SKULLSHIT

35. Your favourite CD shop:
I don't have one; it's online.

36. A magazine you read frequently:

37. Recommended CD:

38: Do you have pets?
Does Reita count?

39. Do you visit the Gazette OHP frequently? Which page within do you visit the most?
Only when they change it; the first place I go to is the member profiles.

40. An artist other than Gazette who you think is noteworthy:
xTRiPx, NIGHTMARE, 176BIZ, Kagrra,~

41. An artist you like out of those signed to PS Company:

42. A member whose words you were surprised by: (in a magazine article, MC, radio show etc)
I was surprised to hear that Aoi and Uruha aren't close anymore, though watching the clips and videos of them, it doesn't surprise me anymore. Also the interview where Kai said he slept naked, and where Kai said eroticism is like Pandora's box, it should never be opened, which Reita responded that he opened the box every night...I wonder how he knew that...

43. If you could become one of the members for a day, who would you become and why?
I'd be Aoi or Uruha. Aoi is an amazing composure and Uruha's a very gentle person who has a high talent for playing guitars.

44. If the world ceased to exist tomorrow, which member would you like to spend your last day with?
Kai, Aoi, or Uruha. Reita, as well! I don't think Ruki and I have a lot in common...

45. Which member would you like to go to karaoke with?
Uruha! I want to sing LINDA LINDA with him!

46. Which member would you like to go drinking with?
Aoi and Uruha~ They'd seem to be the most fun drunk.

47. Which member would you like to go to an oshare bar with?
Kai~ It'd be a cute little date...

48. Which member would you like to cook for?
Kai; I want to show him that I love cooking, and have him help me with it!
Aoi; he's not picky, and he loves home-cooked meals~ I'd love to make him a lot of dishes!

49. Please arrange the members according to who you think would change the most when drunk (least changed to most changed):
Uruha, Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Kai.

50. Please arrange the members according to who you think would make the longest telephone calls from shortest to longest:
Ruki, Aoi, Reita, Uruha, Kai.

51. If you had to substitute in a Gazette live, which part would you choose to play?
Bass! I love the power of them~

52. One thing you like about Gazette (physical):
Their smiles, or their eyes!


53. Your first impression about Ruki:
He's so short...

54. What name do you call him by?
Ruki, Ruphael!

55. Are you good at drawing?
Depends on what it is. I'm great at anime, suck at realism.

56. Have you fallen off of a jungle gym?
Plenty of times!

57. If Ruki were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
I'd love to cling to him if he were my brother~ I'd probably look up to him. I can't see him as my lover, though I'd love to get to know him to be his friend.

58.Your first impression about Uruha:
He's so pretty...

59. What name do you call him by?
Uruha, Haha-sempai, Master Sensei Uruha.

60. Did you know at first that his name was pronounced "Uruha"?
Yes! I knew it from the beginning.

61. Do you gargle every day?

62. If Uruha were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
God, I'd be so shy to have him as a lover...he looks prettier than me! *Kidding.* He's so gentle, so I'd probably blush and stutter a lot. If he were my brother, I'd probably be very close to him, same if he were my friend.

63. Your first impression about Aoi:
He looks so serious...

64. What name do you call him by?
Aoi, Aoinardo, Yuu.

65. Do you have a lip/navel piercing?
Yes~! Lip.

66. Were you born in the city?
Yes~ I was born in Phoenix.

67. If Aoi were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
If he were my brother, he'd probably be the one I'd constantly pick on because he'd pick on me right back. If he was my friend, I'd kind of give him his space until he opened up to me, and I have a feeling that we'd be really close! If he was my lover...oh, gosh. I'd be so shy, but I'd eventually would relax around him. I'd know to give him his space when he needs it, and welcome him home from tour with a happy smile!

68. Your first impression about Reita:
"Fashion misfit! How cute!"

69. What name do you call him by?
Reita, Reita-angelo, Akira, blockhead!

70. What do you call the thing he wears on his nose?
A noseband...o-o;

71. Out of the Shinkansen, which do you think is the fastest?
They're all super-fast...;~;

72. If Reita were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
My brother...he'd be the one I'd go to for comfort because he has that protective vibe. As a lover, he seems great in a relationship, and I'd know if I went to him crying, he wouldn't ask what's wrong, but "Who's ass do I have to kick?"

73. Your first impression about Kai:
Oh...oh, my... .///.

74. What name do you call him by?
Kai, Leader-sama, Kaiatello.

75. Are you good at cooking?
I've learned from the best! I'm a great cook.

76. Where do you think the state of New Jersey is?
The east coast. o-o;

77. If Kai were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
I know he'd be the brother I would be most attached to, I'd grow a huge crush on him as a friend, because face it...I already have a crush on him as it is, though I'm ashamed to admit it! I'd be honored to have him as a lover; he's very caring and sweet!


78. Represent each member with just one or two kanji (if you don't know kanji, describe each member with just one word):
1. Ruki - 創造
2. Aoi - 決意
3. Uruha - 美しさ
4. Kai - 夢
5. Reita - 強さ

79. Compare each member to an animal:
1. Ruki - Puppy
2. Aoi - Leopard
3. Uruha - Cat
4. Kai - Ferret
5. Reita - Ninja Turtle...

80. Compare each member to a colour:
Ruki - Gold
Aoi - Blue
Uruha - Purple
Kai - White
Reita - Bright green!

81. According to you, Gazette is:
All about determination, creativity, and friendship.

82. Your expectations from now on for Gazette:
To go out with a bang! Nothing lasts forever, so when they come to an end, they can look back at their career and have no regret.

83. Lastly, a word to fellow Dainihon Itan Geisha!
To the loyal fans who love their music as much as their beauty, continue the support! They believe in us, so let's continue to believe in them!
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16 October 2008 @ 09:27 am
THIS IS IMPORTANT TO EVERYONE that has this journal added!

There has been clutter on my LJ friends list.


If you have thise journal added for the GRAPHICS, please join media_killers; the icons and everything are posted THERE.

If you have this journal added for the FANFICTIONS, then please join tsuiren_no_hana.

If you're actually interested in my life, please comment this entry and let me know. Otherwise, I'm deleting you.

Thank you~!

Yes, like this.
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06 June 2008 @ 01:58 am
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The sad thing? I can see the angry fangirls thing happening.
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25 April 2008 @ 07:07 pm
To the delightfully bitter,

You all amuse me to no end~ I love how I can comment a friend's journal and you attack me there because you have no life whatsoever. Honestly? Each and every one of you that is still bitter about what happened so long ago proves to me that I hurt you good enough to make you ate me and what does that tell me? I've made a hard enough impact on your life to force you to remember. Years from now, when you still loathe and hate me, I'll be the one laughing on the inside because I most likely won't even remember you. I've already forgot most of your names and faces; you're just one of many people that I can't find myself to care enough about. I love the fact that you all get jealous over me calling a friend of mine 'My Ruki' or 'My Saga' because that shows how truly insecure you really are. You can all hate me as much as you want; the more you despise me, the more I giggle over how amazingly awesome I am for forcing you to remember me. あなたの痛みは私の喜び〜 !を忘れてはありません。 ^o~

Love always~
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03 March 2008 @ 07:18 pm
01) Ideas. Where the hell do they come from? Can you make those little f**kers show up?
Anou...not really. I can't make them; they come to me naturally! They come from different places, such as lyrics, movies, shows, storylines or random conversations.

02) Wild horse-bunnies. When a story just gets pulled right out of you. Do you get them?
Sometimes, but they're always mixed up. I'll sometimes have a middle with not beginning or ending, or an ending with no beginning.

03) Writer's block. Have you been scourged?
Of course! It's usually when I'm actually writing; I'll sometimes sit there once I hit my writer's block and stare at the screen, trying to think of what to write. Usually, when that happens, I'll re-read what I have...then erase most of it and re-write. (Small laugh)

04) Clean up duty. Do you like editing?
I have to edit! I'm OCD [obsessive-compulsive disorder], so when I see a mistake I've made, I'm constantly editing and re-reading until I catch most of them. I still miss some, but I'm only human.

05) The ending. Is it hard for you to find the ending?
On chaptered stories, not really because I can make it flow from one chapter into another freely. One-shots are another story! I always fear that I won't be able to end it in a good way or that it'd be too cheesy or seem rushed. It depends on how creative I am at the time.

06) The title. Where do you get yours? Do you have yours when you start the story?
It's very, very rare if I have a title before I start a story! (Laugh) I tend to pull out the title when I've written from at least a paragrap to the first half of the story and it usually depends on what it's about or the song that fits with it the most. [Like My Life for You and Lonely] (;・ω・)

07) Plot. If you plot out your stories first, raise your hand.
I only really plot chaptered fics; the oneshots I write tend to usually only have a middle or an ending when I start them. The rest comes while I'm writing.

08) POV. How do you choose your POV for a scene? For a story?
Ah~! The POV usually comes from how I'm feeling at the moment; I've only ever really written in third person because it's more natural to me. [I've written in first person only once; I'm planning on doing it again soon.] I write in third person more, but I try to make band fics omniscient, so I usually put thoughts in first person in scenes.

09) Challenges. Do you like them? Do they inspire you?
I love them and I've been inspired them, but I fail when I try to do them! ;~; I have to get started on my Tsukasa [D'espairsRay] challenge for 10_encounters

10) Sex. Do you like writing sex?
I used to be so shy when I write sex scenes, but people seemed surprised when I said that the first smut scene I've ever written was...my first! (Laugh) I'm used to it now and I enjoy writing them, but I tend to get lazy and think that everything is overdone whenever I write it.

Whoever wants to do it, please feel free!
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26 February 2008 @ 10:51 pm
A friend of mine asked me to do some Ruki GIFs a while back, so I finally decided to start on them today. I'm going to do some icons from all of the PVs and Clips I have, so there's going to be a LOT of Ruki GIFs in the future. [I'm eventually going to do the same to each member] Below, you'll find the icons I've made. :3 [I also made the Kai/Aoi one for my Naoruki~ ^o^ ai rabu yuu~~!]

TOTAL - 11
[2] Aoi
[4] Ruki
[4] OTP Icons [Kai x Aoi; Ruki x Aoi]
[1] Extra! 176BIZ

Preview Preview

Do the Ruki!Collapse )
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23 January 2008 @ 01:59 am
My fanfiction will now be posted in tsuiren_no_hana so yeah~ :3 Go join!
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21 January 2008 @ 10:14 pm
Subject: Aoi [the GazettE]
Progress: 15/50
[01.21.2006] 1-15
Tease Tease

Denial is a lie over a desire.Collapse )
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16 January 2008 @ 10:58 pm
Title: Good Enough?
Band: the GazettE
Author: Reila
Genre: AU (High School), Angst, Tragedy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Self-mutilation, character death.
Pairings: Onesided Reita/Aoi
Summary: Sometimes, we are unable to see what's right in front of us. We don't only hurt ourselves, but we hurt the people who love us as well...
Comments: This was an idea that came to me a while ago, but I wasn't sure exactly how it was going to end. I'm glad I waited, though, because inpsiration soon came through the form of roleplay and I found an ending.

Aoi was suave...Collapse )
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29 December 2007 @ 06:43 am
Title: 新年の願い [New Year's Wish]
Band: the GazettE
Chapters: 1/1
Author: Reila
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Smut, failed attempt at fluffiness.
Pairings: Reita/Aoi
Summary: The bassist was happy that he had been able to make Aoi smile like that again; make him completely forget his sadness from the previous day and give him something to look forward to.
Comments: Seems like my OTPs are constantly switching on me. D: Just a couple of days ago, I was all for Reita/Uruha. Gaaaah. D8 I think my Aoi muse was getting jealous for not getting any action. Anyway~! This was written for gazette_yaoi's Challenge #07: Happy New Year.
Also, the inspiration from the noseband thing came from this picture; thank you to whoever drew it for inspiring me! Now, on to the fic!

'Will you just leave me alone!?'Collapse )
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